Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weight Gain

I'm gaining weight as we speak:0
Since the beginning of June, I have gained 10 pounds:(
You can always tell when I've gained weight, because you will find me wearing workout shorts everywhere (ironic, isn't it??), unless I absolutely have to dress up. Jeans- not gonna happen... elastic waistbands- more likely. At the present time, everything I own is tight...even my "fat" clothes.
Anyway, I was getting ready for church this morning and was ironing some of my more comfortable capris. I can always count on these capris, even at my most bloated moments. I put on the capris, and they are SKIN TIGHT! I sit down, do deep-knee bends, run in place...I'm sure most of you have experienced this ritual (if not, I can't be friends with THE PANTS ARE NOT GIVING AN INCH!! I'm late, and I'm starting to panic. I go into the closet to look for a light jacket to wrap around my waist. I cannot find any light hoodies that match what I'm wearing. I try tying one of Steve's long-sleeved shirts around my waist, but it only makes my rear-end look bigger and it hangs to my knees. I finally settle on one of my light button-down sweaters. It looks like crap, but I don't have time to spare.
The sad part about this incident is that my first thought was not, "I have got to get serious and lose this weight" first thought was, "I've got to go out and buy hoodies in every color to cover my butt!" What is up with that??????????????

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