Sunday, September 17, 2006

Soccer Update, Praise & Worship, Proud Football Father

Soccer update: The girls' won both of their games today...yeah!!! Both games were shutouts...7-0, 4-0. The team needed these wins, especially after last weekend's losses!!! Reilly scored a goal, and both girls had assists.
I didn't get to attend the games...led praise & worship in Kidcrest at both services, and then taught a preschool P&W workshop. I really enjoyed it...worked with uninhibited adults and kids that seemed to be excited about what we were doing. I taught new songs from this cd. If you lead kids P&W, you really need to check this site out. Not only does Willow Creek provide great music, but they have suggested motions to match. If you've ever tried to come up with motions on your own, you know how difficult this can be!
Tonight, Steve and Griff were throwing around the football in the basement...Steve must be in hog heaven that Gman is finally showing an interest in sports with balls! He got this ball from the M's for his birthday. He loves the whistling sound it makes when he throws it! Here are a few picts...
Football Fever
I also got some scrapbooking done tonight. Here's a pict. of the mess I made in my bedroom. I'll post picts. tomorrow of the pages I completed. TTFN
Scrapbooking Mess

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