Friday, September 29, 2006


A lady in Marshall did something really rude to us today...she stole our parking spot!!
Later, the kids and I were discussing the incident, and I jokingly said, "Yeah, I should have kicked her butt!" Griffin chimed in, "Yeah, well I should take pictures of her in the shower and write facts about her." I am a little concerned at this pronouncement...think maybe this is a bit SICK and EXTREME (lol)! He continues, "I'd write down exactly what she was singing, like 'Rub-a-dub-dub three men in a tub.'"
At this, I feel a little bit better, but am going to try REALLY hard not to tick my son off...AND, I'm going to lock my bathroom door before showering:) TTFN


Anonymous said...

Ok, I can totally understand - knowing his mom - why he would say something about take a picture. BUT, a picture of her in the shower? Isn't it amazing what goes through kids' minds! He cracks me up.


Anonymous said...

Remind me not to take your parking spot and then have Griffin over--I don't have a bathroom shower door lock.

Anonymous said...