Friday, September 15, 2006

Out of the Schweddy Slump

Schweddy 9, Other Team (with a really disgusting name) 8
We pulled ourselves out of our 2 game losing slump tonight!!! In the 7th inning, the score was 5-8...we were behind and thought the game was over. Then, The Davie from out of nowhere, kicked a homerun, bringing in 2 teammates!! In OT, the Schweddy's won the game!!!!!!!!!!!!! We rock!!!!!!!!!!!!TTFN

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Anonymous said...

I heard that the coach gave a very inspiring pep talk to the team at the bottom of the last inning, down four runs and directed the team to pull off the nearly impossible. The team then scored the tieing run with 2 outs and then came back to win the game 2 innings later again down to their last out.
I also heard the game was so exciting that it will be re-airing on espn "the ocho", but I could be wrong about that.
Way to go team Schweddy!!

Coach Scott,Oops, I mean anonymous.