Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Not only do my pants not fit, but my underwear is definitely snug, too. Unfortunately, when you are a soccer goalie and are wearing gloves, there is no graceful way to make the adjustment when the undies are riding up:0
During the game, I actually got out of the goal again...this time for about 12 minutes... I think this is a record!!! I scored 2 goals (for our team)...one with my left foot! I also "scored" on one of the other moms...accidentally grabbed her boob:0
I have very little body control on the field...I plowed into her and my hand wound up in the most unfortunate place...eek!!
Later, at the water cooler, I was relating this event to a few people...slipped and totally wiped out, hitting my leg on the bleachers...REALLY embarrassing!!! I've now got a huge knot on my left leg and a really bruised ego!!!!
On a more positive note...started my low carb diet yesterday...I've lost 2 pounds!!!!! TTFN

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