Saturday, September 23, 2006

A New Appreciation For Single Moms!!!

My very HH got back into town last night, and boy am I glad!!! Being a single mom these last few days has truly made me appreciate Steve! I don't know why this time
it was so difficult, but I know that if we were ever separated, I would give him custody of the kids Monday-Friday, and I would take the weekends (just kidding)!!!
I think the biggest obstacle for me, was that I tried to work 2 of the days that he was gone (subbing at PK). I have a new appreciation for single parents...especially those who teach. Dealing with OPK's (other people's kids) all day, and then having then coming home to your own, is both physically and emotionally draining. Next time Steve has to be gone, I am going to be a Lady of Leisure (LOL)!!!!!
Here was our Thursday schedule:
6:00am Alarm goes off
6:09am Hit snooze, go back to sleep
6:18am Hit snooze again
6:27am Finally drag myself out of bed and wake up Reilly and Griffin (Sydney got herself up at 6:00 and was showered and dressed).
6:45am Drag Griffin out of the shower, turn on space heater for him (he made me get this out for him on the first day of school...loves to lay in front of it after his showers)
7:20am Drive Sydney to school
8:00am Make Griffin's lunch; remind Reilly for the 10th time to brush her teeth.
8:10am Teeth check; send Reilly back to the bathroom to brush again
8:25am Drive Reilly and Griffin to school; head back home to get dressed
9:20am Take check by Interior Designers; get a fat free cappacino at Breaktime (don't drink it though...smells like B.O.)
9:45am Bible Study at Bloomers
11:10am Meet mom at dentist's office to pick up some items from Megan
OK, I know this is boring...but, I can't stop!!!!
11:30am Stop by the house; take dog out; eat lunch
12:10pm Run into Limited 2 to pick up a couple of pairs of 12 slim jeans for Reilly
(she tried to wear her very high-waisted & very high-water pair of jeans today)
12:30pm Substitute at PK in first grade classroom
4:15pm Get chinese for kids at Hy-Vee (including 4 Crab Rangoon for Griffin)
4:35pm Pick kids up from Murphyland
5:10pm Send Reilly off to soccer practice
6:15pm Drop Griffin off at Aunt Debbie's (she will take him to his soccer game)
6:30pm Attend Open House with Sydney at the Middle School
8:15pm Pick up Reilly from Amy's; Griffin from Debbie's
8:30pm Girls' sit down at bar in kitchen to begin their homework
9:30pm Put girls to bed; read very boring books to Griffin
10:00pm Check email
10:30pm Fall into bed!!!!
I'm exhausted just reliving this day...think I'll go take a nap!!!!!! TTFN

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How did he do on the plane ride?