Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Mile, Love Ducks, & Citizenship Exam

(Chariots of Fire music playing in the background)Again, I was a little bit off...Reilly actually ran a 6:42 mile. The mile was not run on a track, but a coned-off (is this a word) area- she said it was 6 times around their soccer field. Chances are this was not EXACTLY a mile, but who the heck knows??? I may get out there with a pedometer and measure it myself!!!
I survived the 6th grade, and I'm gonna miss those little "Love Ducks" (a term of endearment used by the art teacher)! Tomorrow, I'm going to get back to Fit, and then get my roots done. I've been close to brunette as I'm willing to go, and I'm feeling the need to be blonde better matches my personality:0
Scott- oops, I mean COACH- shared the following with me:
Going along with your Blog from the other day. Check out the actual citizenship exam used by the US Immigration and Naturalization Service . I'm not sure too many Americans would pass this without a whole lot of studying!!

Ok, I was feeling pretty good about myself, until I tried to take this one. I made it to the questions regarding Congress, and then blew it:( How do you think that you would do taking this test?????? TTFN

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