Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day

Went to my sister and BIL's (Moab...why???) house on Labor Day with the kids. Steve hates doing anything on the day before he has to go back to work, so he relaxed at home. My parents joined us, too.
Great food, lots of laughs...almost like being at Disney World when we go out there...tons of fun!! Here are a few of my favorite picts. from the day:
Reilly, Sydney, and JT on the Rhino
Reilly, Sydney, and JT
Hello Kitty Cupcake & an Ipod Nano
Paddleboating...Was so much fun, until the pups started trying to climb into the boat
Bobby taught Reilly how to drive the Rhino
Driving Lessons
She's beautiful inside and out...taking radiation treatments daily now
Loved watching JT on the dirt bike...he was so careful, yet showing off a little by standing up on the bike whenever he thought we were watching:)Is that Griffin smiling in this picture???????
I was not so careful on the dirtbike...hit a ditch while going too fast...almost wiped out:0
Much better pict of my dad (don't ya think?)...with Molly & Moab
Bobby, Molly, and Brian


Anonymous said...

what does moab mean?

EE said...

I have no idea...you'll have to ask Moab!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It actually could be a few things -Mother Of All Bombs (this is an actual military term), there's a place in Utah that has white water rafting and all kinds of outdoor activities, it's the historical name for a mountainous strip of land in modern-day Jordan - not knowing you bil he may have his own reasons! DW

Anonymous said...

Your mom is beautiful inside and out! It is impossible not to love her.


Anonymous said...

OK, i know what it means! DW was right. MOAB.

Anonymous said...

EE- I think that is one of the nicest things you've ever said to me!! Thank you! MOM