Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's All About Soccer These Days

Griffin lives for Thursday nights!
Soccer practice on Tuesdays and games on Thursdays...
Last week he scored 3 goals and was elated! He wanted everyone present at his game tonight to watch him play. We even picked the girls up early from their practice so they could watch their brother for a change. On the drive over, Griffin says to me, "Mom, you need to tell the girls to say 'good luck' to me before my game. I always say 'good luck' to them before their games. Well, I don't always SAY it, but I always THINK it." It was really cute!!!
He wound up scoring 6 goals! He even chased the ball a little bit:0 Usually, he just waits for it to come to him...yes, he's a little bit lazy:) After he scored, he would do this really awkward jump (Steve can do the best imiation) and then would look over to make sure that we were watching, and do this shy little wave. I'm going to be soooo sad when he grows out of this cute little phase!!
Oh, I am now a Striking Beauty...ok, I'm not really a Striking Beauty, but that is the name of the team that I am playing on this session. We won our first game last night 3-0. I even got out of the goal for about 7 minutes to play defense. This is a huge step for me...I hate using my feet!! Yes, I play soccer and I'm scared to kick the ball...go figure!!!! TTFN

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