Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hot Stuff

The girls' think they are Hot Stuff!!! Last night their soccer team got to scrimmage each other during HT of the girls' Mizzou soccer game.
Syd and Reilly were on opposing teams. During the 7 minute scrimmage, neither team scored...thank God (since they were on opposing teams)!! They looked really good out their, though!!!
Here's a few picts. from my digital. Can't wait to get the 35mm picts. back!!!
Reilly, Sydney, and the parking lot, before the game:
I love this pict. of little Sydney F...
Don't you hate it when someone you don't know, barges in on your picture????
Sydney and Alyssa with Truman the Tiger (My dream be a team mascott!!!!)
Sydney with teammates...obviously, they had more fun playing around than they did actually watching the game!!!
Unlike her sister, Reilly was all nerves before the HT scrimmage...she and Chandler actually watched the 1st half of the game!! (Couldn't post these 2 picts. any smaller...weird!) P9220042P9220041

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you have beautiful kids