Sunday, August 27, 2006

What Personality Disorder R U????

You May Be a Bit Antisocial...

Antisocial? That may be a bit of an understatement.
You think rules are meant to be broken - and with gusto!
Having no fear, you don't even think about consequences.
But people love you anyway... you've got a boatload of charm.

OK, who the heck is this guy????
I'm laughing at the "boatload of charm"...yeah, right!!!
I'm finally tired, so I'm hanging it up for the evening (early morning)...TTFN


Anonymous said...

He's the star of The Soprano's. Not sure of his name but recognize his face from the few times I've seen it. AND you ARE charming!!!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

You May Be a Bit Dependent...

You're more than a little preoccupied with being abandoned.
You need a lot of support in your life, at all times.
It's difficult for you to survive on your own...
And you don't reallly think you ever could

Ok this is wrong! So not me - well I may be a little dependent but not like this. :o) And the other quiz was even further from the truth!!! It said I was a JOCK!! Please! Anyone who knows me knows that's wrong.

Erin you should go to bed earlier and stay there. Besides needing sleep you don't need these things. :o)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

***You May Be a Bit Borderline...***

Your mood swings make a roller coaster look tame!
When you're up, you're a little bit crazy...
And when you're down, your whole world is crashing
Scary thing is, these moods can change by the minute!

They say i am like Courtney Love!!!!!!!! -MD