Friday, August 04, 2006

This "Woks"!!!!

Hey!! Sydney went to Worlds of Fun in KC with the Extreme Days campers on Thursday- Reilly, Griffin, and I tagged along! Of course, we didn't "cramp" her style, by riding the bus or by following her group around...we did our own thing!
Thank God, my kids love roller coasters! Griffin, Reilly, and I rode everything...that height would allow. Griffin was one inch shy of the height limit on a few of the rides...and boy was he ticked! To appease him for not being able to ride the Patriot, had to shell out $50 to do the Ripcord...a bungee type ride (Ok, it wasn't only him, I really wanted to ride it, too). I'm very surprised that Griffin is the bravest of all in this area. He is my kid who does not like to play contact sports because he might get hurt! After every ride, he would exclaim, "This Woks (Rocks)!" I'm going to have to get him back in speech therapy for his "r's" this fall. He also insisted on riding by himself on most of the rides...very independent this kid is!!!
Anyway, here are a few picts. from the day...can't wait to show you the video of the Ripcord ride...will have to have Matt help me post it at a later time!!!


Anonymous said...

What happened to HC's arm??? She's my buddy and I didn't know she'd been hurt! You guys have the most family fun! G has to be independent since he spends so much time with you girls! :o)


Anonymous said...

HC broke her arm on the 1st day of camp:( What a bummer!!! Bus T took care of her, though...always good to have a doc around:)
Love ya, Erin