Sunday, August 06, 2006

Slippery Little Sucker!

My cell was in HORRIBLE had been dropped MULTIPLE times!! It was a replacement phone because in March, it fell out of my hands and broke in two...thank God for insurance!
Anyway, the kids had gone to KC with HH's parents, and we were sitting in Macaroni Grill, when HH asked me again if I would like to get a new phone. We had talked about this before, but I was reluctant to spend the money on something that I couldn't seem to keep from frequently falling to the was a slippery little sucker!!
I was ready!! We headed to the Sprint store, and after a 30 minute wait, I got hooked up with this bad boy!!! It does everything but tie my shoes!!!!!
Thank you, Steve...YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
PS: I chose it because it had the most durable case!!!!!! TTFN

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