Monday, August 21, 2006

Rolling Down the River part 2

OK...can't think about the float anymore! I've decided that there will be no more floats...hate the float!!! I loved communing with my friends, but will do that elsewhere...preferably somewhere out of nature. I am NOT a nature girl! My kiddos have now all experienced the float, so I do not feel guilty about this decision!
Steve said, "If we had not gone on this trip, we would not be able to compare other situations to it"...i.e. At least we're not stuck in a raft in filthy water for 6 hours in a hundred degree heat surrounded by drunk, obnoxious people that we don't know....LOL!!

Saw this couple on the float...Janet got my attention and said, "This is bloggable material!" It was pretty bizarre watching them...even the kids would stop swimming to stare! She was sunning on the raft (totally falling out of her suit). They were listening to a radio...she was singing along to "Chain of Fools"! The guy was just paddling along (and making better time than we were:()...oblivious to the spectacle they were creating!
Well, gotta go get in the shower...lots to do before school starts on Wednesday!!! TTFN
PS Trip photos at the bottom of the page!!!

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