Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rolling Down The River part 1

Hey! Got back from the float trip last night at around 8:00 to a power outage in our neighborhood:( We were filthy, exhausted, irritable, and without light. I cannot tell you how upset this made us.
After last year's floating experience in the canoe...myself and 2 kids (all of us clueless on how to manouver a boat)...I made the executive decision to get the raft for my family. Even though Steve and Sydney would be joining us this year, I did not want to worry about tipping over (which we did last year) or about splitting the fam up with 2 canoes.
It was a 2 hour drive to our destination. I was in the backseat, and was oblivious to where we were going...still do not know what river we were on:0 We were, of course, late getting started. We arrived at the meeting place on time, but you know how it goes when coordinating 4 families, 3 cars, and 8 kids:0 We arrived at the river and signed in...Steve was ticked when he found out that the raft was $100!
We got all our crap together to get on the bus, when I realized that I had misplaced my camera. I freaked out!!! Why go on an adventure if you can't record it for the blog or scrapbook...LOL? I drove everyone nuts...going through all the bags, holding up the bus so I could check our vehicle again, etc. etc... Matt even tried to convince me that he remembered seeing it in their car...nice try, Matt! I finally settled down after recovering it from Sydney's bag once we were on the river...embarrassed my kids, though, with my screams of joy!!!
To Be Continued (after my nap)...

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