Saturday, August 05, 2006

Flatbranch Fun

If you've never eaten at Flatbranch Brewery, you are missing out!!! When Nana comes to town and invites us to lunch, this is usually where we go. My favorites include the Spinach and Cheese Dip, the Steak and Cheese Wrap, the Bacon and Chicken Wrap, and the homemade Applesauce...very yummy!!!
Of course, had to bring the camera along...couldn't miss out on this photo opportunity! The plants and trees along the patio, provide the perfect backdrop for these sessions!
On this afternoon, Nana had just returned from a surgeon's visit. She was discussing her options again...chemo vs. radiation. We thought that she would be doing radiation, but chemo came back into the picture after she saw her second Oncologist. He recommended her taking part in a Chemo Breast Cancer Study. She's now seriously considering this option again, so the waiting continues...
Here are a few picts. from the day...hope you aren't getting too sick of seeing my children! Just want to let you know that Griff is really a very happy'd never know it, though, when looking at his picts! The girls taught little Molly how to say "Rock On!" Molly is such a ham...just like her Daddy!
Have a good one...TTFN

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