Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Crimes of Fashion

I've been going through and scanning old photos, for a family video that we are giving my granparents for Christmas...shhh, don't tell.
I've come across some very interesting photos of myself, and other family members. All I can say is...WHAT WERE WE THINKING??????
These are definitely serious Crimes of Fashion...
March 2006 057 There are a lot of things wrong with my 7th grade class photo...the hair, the eyeshadow, the tie, the sweater vest...
March 2006 213 Family Photo: I was a sophomore in high school. Who let me wear that humongous scarf???? That hair is SCARY!!!!
Now, to pick on my little sis...
Scanned Pictures 080 Nice tube top...can't tell what's on the mini skirt...think it might be nautical in nature... notice the keds and white bobby socks...OMG!
March 2006 203
To get the full effect of this picture of my dad, you have to click on the pict. to get the close-up...the shorts are way to short and way to tight...and he wore them ALL THE TIME!!! I think we finally snuck them into the garage sale one summer, and feigned ignorance when he went looking for them (like so many of his other horrible clothes choices)!!! Eeewww!!!
Scanned Pictures 013
Nice glasses, Aunt Debbie!!! Also love the haircut...especially the uneven bangs!!!
Gotta pick on Dad one more time...
Scanned Pictures 052
Tight, white, high-waters...gross!!!! WHAT WAS HE THINKING????
If you'd like to share some of your crimes of fashion, I'd love to post them ...just email me!!!!
I'm sure there will be COF Part 2, coming soon!!!! TTFN


Anonymous said...

Three questions -
1. What's with your hair in the family photo???
2. What on earth would make you think we'd forward these kind of pictures of ourselves to you to post??? :o)
3. What would your dad pay me to not print these and pass them around to other agents?

Love you and your sense of humor for printing these!!!


Anonymous said...

oh lord, erin. and, mom let me out of the house with that tube top on! and, by the way, i was wearing a mickey mouse skirt! omg!!

Anonymous said...

Megan wore that tube top to work a week ago Thursday. Ken

Anonymous said...

Now I don't feel so bad about some of my earlier pics--I'll send you a couple.