Monday, August 21, 2006

Cheap Labor

I told the kids that they needed to get their rooms cleaned today, before the "Meet The Teacher Night" at their schools. Reilly, of course, had about 2 things to put away and was finished. I found her in Griffin's room. Griffin was lying on his bed watching TV, and she was organizing the top of his nightstand. I looked around and saw Griffin's things in neat little Reilly-like piles. I asked her, "How did he talk you into this?" Griffin piped in, "It's ok mom, I'm paying her...I've got a couple of quarters." LOL


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to talk to Reilly!! A couple of quarters just can't cut it cleaning a 7 yr old boy's room!

I loved it Sunday when the girls came to me and asked if they could leave their snacks (not allowed in Kidcrest) on the table behind me. To be honest, I wasn't sure they knew my name but they did. They were so polite and sweet!! Love your family!


EE said...

Hey girl-
I know...I'll have to post a picture of Griffin's room when it's in its prime:0
I absolutely loved the last song on Sunday...I got to hear about the last 15 minutes of Piet's sermon. I was so excited to see you come out first...I wanted to shout, "I know her, I know her"!!!
I prayed that you wouldn't trip and fall out there...LOL!!! Great job...Glad you're not flying solo anymore:)Love ya, Erin