Thursday, August 17, 2006

Birthday Shopping Spree

All my kids this year are taking the cash for their birthdays...yeah!!!!!!! As much as I like planning events, I've had my share this year with the Easter and Christmas parties at church. These were no small parties, either...think we had around 500 at Christmas and around 1000 at Easter...I'm all partied out!!!!!!!
I don't know what Steve and I were thinking when we planned these pregnancies...Ok, one of them wasn't planned:0 Their birthdays are as follows: R- July 18, G- August 18, S- September 2. We obviously were not thinking about the logististics or expenses of these closely-spaced birthdays...I, myself, was only thinking about how much better my fat would look tanned than white!
Anyway, to celebrate Syd's birthday (we always celebrate early, since it usually coincides with the beginning of school), we took a trip to St. Louis today with Nana and Reilly to shop for school clothes. (Griffin was strategically left behind with Grandma way was I taking him for a day of shopping...I hear enough whining and complaining from him during a 20 minute trip to Wal-mart!) She specifically requested any mall with an Abercrombie Kids, so we spent the day at Chesterfield Mall.
I know that lots of moms out there boycott this clothing franchise because of the provocative pictures of children in their ads, but I am not one of these moms. I am thrilled when my kids find something that they like and will actually wear...this is no easy feat!!! Yes, Sydney's easier to please, but she IS a tween and she DOES have definite clothing preferences...and most of all, today SHE HAD HER OWN MONEY TO SPEND! I was not going to argue with her over where to shop (ok, I would have had problems with Vickie's, if you get my drift)!!LOL
Favorite Moments:
1.Syd in the dressing room with skin-tight sweat pants on saying, "These look good, don't they?" I replied, "Sydney, they're too have a camel-toe!!"
2. double-decker carousel ride and indoor trampoline/bungee jumping
3. lunch at The Cheesecake Factory... It's now my favorite restaurant!!! Gotta try the Chicken Quesadillas...very yummy!!!
4. Taking quizzes from pre-teen magazines on the way home (I'll write more about these later...they had Mom and I rolling!!!)
Not So Favorite Moments:
1. Taking my cute (but totally inappropriate for shopping) sandals off at lunch, only to realize that I had 2 huge blisters on each foot. I obviously didn't learn my lesson after my last big shopping day at Christmas...wore darling had to buy me new comfy shoes later in the day, because I couldn't walk!!
Have to get geared up for tomorrow...Griffin turns 7 years-old!!!! The fam is going on a float-trip with the Murphys, the Mattsons, and the Davie. It's supposed to be 98 degrees:0 Wish us luck and no overturned canoes!!!! TTFN

PS A big thanks goes out to my M.I.L., who kept Griffin, and made this fun (male-free)day possible!
PPS Mom has my camera...will share picts. at a later date!!!

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