Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bathroom Duty/ Mad Make-up Artist

I was browsing through photos that I had taken last spring, and happened upon these gems...

Syd and Reilly's end-of-year field trips happened to fall on the same day. I absolutely HATE volunteering for these kind of things (prefer to do the everyday classroom stuff...go figure), but since I am a SAHM, figured I'd better step up to the plate.
I got a phone call from the mom organizing Syd's trip to a local park, a few weeks before the actual event. She gave me the rundown on all the jobs, and asked what I would be interested in doing. All I could think about was the tv expose I had seen a few months earlier about men on the down-low who meet up in this park in the restrooms, then proceed to the woods for...(yuck)!
I suggested that she might want to place an adult at the bathrooms to monitor the comings and goings of strangers, as well as the kids. (I also remember being in the 5th grade unattended in the bathrooms, and having a lot of fun with TP...yeah, I was immature:) Well, needless-to-say, I was graced with this job...I was given a chair, extra TP and some water, and spent 2 hours guarding the can. My own daughter was so embarrassed that she refused to come near the restrooms the entire time! Not only that, not one "shady character" appeared during my guard...I was a little disappointed! LOL
At 12:30, drove over to another park across town, where the entire 3rd grade was
gathered. I was assigned to the friendship bracelet-making station (boring). There were already plenty of moms standing around, I hadn't bothered reading the directions on how to make these little doo-dads, so I headed over to the face-painting station. Janet and Deanna were working there, so I sat down and talked to them while they worked. They were painting cute little rainbows, flowers, footballs, peace signs, etc...I was jealous! I found a few willing victims, and I went to work creating zombies, complete with scars and blood!!!
I'm sure the teachers were not too thrilled about this, but I had a blast!
I'm definitely signing up for face-painting at the next church event!

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