Sunday, July 16, 2006

What Celeb Do You Look Like?

I went to this site: (sorry, you have to copy and paste)... and uploaded this photo:

and, using facial recognition software, these are the celebs that I am supposed to most resemble:0
Frances McDormand
Jason Biggs
Aaron Copland (eek!!!)
Leonard Nimoy (didn't think it could get any worse...I was wrong:0)
Neil Diamond

I tried putting in another photo of myself to see if I would get any better results, and came up with Whoopie Goldberg listed third....Do I really resemble Whoopie???? I just don't see it.
Going to post HH's results on the next entry...can't upload anymore picts. to this one...ttfn


Anonymous said...

Ok, ouch!!!! I didn't even know most of them when I did it on me but Sylvester Stallone???? Hopefully it was because of height even though I didn't put in a full length picture. :o) Only saving grace was that Michelle Pfeiffer was included but that HAD to be a mistake!


EE said...

Hey!!! Michelle was NOT a r beautiful!!!! Sylvester is good, least it wasn't Aaron Copland...ohhhhhhhh! Love ya, Erin