Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Five things in my purse wallet
1. Wallet with no money:(
2. 2 Lipsticks
3. Tampons (a girl should always be prepared!)
4. loose change
5. reciepts

Five things in my refrigerator
1. Lots of Salami (for R)
2. South Beach Diet Lunchables
3. Chocolate Silk soy milk (my favorite!!)
4. Rotten fruit and veggies
5. suppositories (in case HH gets the stomach flu....told him that he should read my blog more often;)

Five things in my closet
1. Big basket of ironing that needs to be done
2. Shoes/ clothes (that are too small:0)
3. luggage
4. bin of cds
5. hidden Ann Taylor Loft bags (I tell Steve, "No it's not new...have had it FOREVER!!!!)LOL...don't really have to do that anymore!!!

Five things in my car
1. McDonald's French Fries (under the seats)
2. TP (never know when it's going to come in handy)
3. DVDs strewn all over the back seats
4. baseball cleats/socks (probably a little smelly by now)
5. empty soda/water bottles

Tag...Now it's your turn to do this silly little quiz!!! I'm anxious to see your results, so leave them in comments or email me!!! TTFN


Anonymous said...

I'm bored at work...

Five things in my purse:
1. Cell phone
2. AfterBite (necessary this time of year)
3. Lipgloss (necessary ALL year round)
4. Pen from the Carpet cleaning guy who rearended me
5. Hair bands (many many many of them)

Five things in my fridge
1. Gatorade (it's been on sale everywhere lately!)
2. Leftover Italian Village pizza
3. Milk (although I'm usually out)
4. A variety of beer brands and flavors (and that 40 oz one as a redneck b-day present from Monica and Rick to Brad)
5. Salad in a bag

Five things in my closet
1. a way too large collection of flip flops
2. my Cardinals freebie reversible bucket hat
3. dirty laundry
4. Luggage
5. Way too many blue and white striped polos (even the students noticed that's all Brad wears)

Five things in my car
1. Emergency kit (with NEW jumper cables!)
2. Your (Erin) copy of The Purpose Driven Life on cd
3. The 'fresh and clean' air freshner from Tiger Express Car Wash
4. Gobbles' towel
5. A copy of Summer Sisters by Judy Blume for when I see Monica next

Wow amazing, most of my 'places' are clean! Cleaned out the truck yesterday, I can't stand a dirty closet, the fridge was cleaned out from shopping over the weekend and my purse isn't big enough to allow to get dirty. YAY!


Anonymous said...

Five things in my purse wallet
1. Dave Ramsey Financial Peace envelopes
2. Mirror
3. Cell phone (always off)
4. loose change (I don't spend my change)
5. Check book

Five things in my refrigerator
1. Miracle Whip
2. Water
3. eggs
4. pickles
5. more water
Five things in my closet
1. clothes that are too small
2. clothes that fit
3. purses
4. shoes
5. blankets

Five things in my car
1. cds
2. candy for the church info center
3. umbrella
4. exercise clothes (just having them should help right?)
5. Woodcrest blanket

Pretty boring! :o)