Saturday, July 15, 2006

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Too keyed up to nap:( HH took the girls to the ball field to work on Reilly's pitching...Griffin is down at a neighbor's house watching a movie...I have the house to myself!!!! I am doing everything I can, not to unpack all the crap that we toted to St. Louis for our 24 hour mini-trip!!!!!!!!!!
We left yesterday at around 11:30, stopping off to get a movie for the kids to watch. Somehow, G-man had it in his head that we were going to sit in the hotel room last night and watch Big, Fat Liar. To appease him, we looked through the videos at WM, only to find that they didn't have it. We finally settled on Hoodwinked (I think that's what it's called, anyway). I sat in back with the kids, and we watched our new flick. It was pretty cute...a few minutes into the movie, HH asked, "Is that Puddy's voice I hear?" (from Seinfeld) The Big Bad Wolf was definitely Puddy. It was a pretty cute movie... I have never seen (or heard) Griffin laugh so was adorable!!
Got to St. Louis and checked in at the Raddison downtown. We were pretty disappointed with the was pretty dirty and lots of things seemed to be out of order. The kids wanted to go immediately to the pool, which was on the roof. They thought it was pretty cool, even though it was tiny. HH and I enjoyed the view of the Arch (Can't believe that I'd ever enjoy the view of anything...boy, I must be getting
At 5:45, we met the other Daniel Boone Little League players on the East side of the stadium. Someone told us that we needed to hang back in the line, and we might get to see some players (up close) coming out on the field. We were soooo we were parading around the perimeter of the field, we saw Chris Carpenter (Reilly's favorite) and a few other Cardinals. I was totally excited to see NOMAR Garciapara in the Dodger dugout. HH pointed him out to me...we were about 5 ft. away, and I yelled, "Hey, Nomar!" He looked up, but not at me:( I did wave at another Cardinal's pitcher later on, and he actually waved back:) This does not count as stalking, does it????
The kids loved the game...even Griffin, who kept asking HH questions about the game all night! This is definite progress since the last game we attended, he started whining about being hot and leaving during the 1st inning!!! We also saw the McCurrens, old friends from whom we stole Griffin's name, while we were walking around. The Cardinal's won 5-0...Yeah!!!!!!! We spent a ton of money on all the crap at the game, but it was worth it.
This morning, we woke up, had breakfast at the hotel, and then walked over to the Arch. The kids and I were going to go up, but there was a tram down and the line was out-of-control. The last time I took the kids up, Sydney was 5, Reilly was 3, and Griffin was a baby.
HH is totally afraid of heights, so there was no way we were getting him up there.
I would have been surprised if Griffin would have actually made the trip though this time...he has been deathly afraid of elevators since our trip to Disney World! (The Tower of Terror totally freaked him out. We're going to try to make a special trip back in August, if we have time.
Well, that's about it...we're back safe and sound! Enjoy the picts!!!!! TTFN

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Dang girl! You are really getting creative with the pictures spinning around, in and out, etc. I'm impressed!!