Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Springfield Continued

Hey!! Finally got back the pictures I took with the 35mm camera in Springfield, and wanted to share...
If you're wondering, these picts. were taken on the same day that we stalked Brad Pitt's parents (see "I am a Stalker" blog entry in July archives).
I was so excited to see my cousin, Laura, and her family!! Laura is a cancer survivor...was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in her abdomen a few years ago, went through chemotherapy, and is in remission!!! About 18 months ago, she went to the emergency room...had been throwing up uncontrollaby...and found out she was pregnant!!! She delivered a healthy baby girl- Anna Grace- 9 months later!!! God is so good...love His miracles!!!!!!
Also got to meet my cousin Cody's new family and baby!
Loved meeting the new babies...they were soooo adorable!!!! But, sooooo happy that my family is complete!!! Don't think that I have the energy anymore for the baby days (and nights)!!!!!
Anyway, thought I'd share a few of my favorite picts. from the day...

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