Tuesday, July 25, 2006

See-Saws, High Dives, Soccer Stuff

Traveled to Marshall today with the kiddos, my mom, and my sister. We lived in Marshall from 1980-1986, so it was fun to go back to our old stompin' grounds! We stopped in to say "hi" to my grandparents, and then headed to Indian Foothills Park (is that pc?) for a picnic. My kids were so excited when we drove up...they were like, "Cool! We've never been on a see-saw before!" I never really stopped to think about it, but you never see those dangerous pieces of equipment on playgrounds anymore. My sister reminded me of how I used to bail on her, when she was up in the air...what a mean sister I was!!LOL

After the picnic and a photosession (can't wait to get the 35mm picts. developed!), we went to the pool. We all love this pool, because it has a high dive...another dangerous liability that most places won't carry!!! Griff and JT went off the high dive for the first time. I was really surprised that Griff did it...he slipped off the board onto the concrete at our pool yesterday, and was a little traumatized! I tried to bribe the girls into diving off of it...offered them ten bucks each...but they turned it down!
I got to see some old high school friends, and catch up on some Marshall gossip:0
Would like to have seen Melissa and Scott, but they were on vacation:(
Went to Mom's Soccer tonight...we played outside for the 1st time because we're training for the Show-Me-State Games. Wow, it is WAY different than indoor soccer...
My team won... 4 or 5 to 1. I even got my lazy butt out of the box for a bit to play some defense. Of course, that's when the goal was scored on us (sorry- just had to brag a bit)...only because the goalie was yelling at me because I was totally out of position when the goal was kicked:0
PS I'm the one doing a front flip off the high-dive...yeah, not bad for a 36-year-old!!!!


Anonymous said...

EE, if you put that picutre of me in my bikini, you are dead meat. I am all for pay-backs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OUCH to the last comment! Sounds like someone doesn't get mad, doesn't get even, they get ahead!