Friday, July 14, 2006

P & W

Another sleepless husband is snoring away, and I've got 2 kids in my room and another 2 kids in Reilly's room (DM is staying the night)! Thought I'd show you how I spend my Sunday mornings:

This is what I do at Woodcrest! Have been leading Praise & Worship in elementary (Kidcrest) for about the last 6 years!! Currently I do both services on Sundays. Since I love to dance, and am pretty uninhibited, this is a great fit for me! Now only if I could sing...TTFN


rebekahs_mom said...

Just letting you know how cool you are..I linked my blog to yours! You are the ROCK STAR!

Anonymous said...

And you do it VERY well!! You have certainly touched a lot of lives these past year!!

Love ya!