Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mom/Daughter Softball Game

The mom's got to pitch to their daughters...
Unfortunately, this mom looks more like she's
doing ballet:0

Don't ever let anyone take your picture
from the rear when you're playing catcher...
so not attractive:0

To celebrate the end of the softball season, Sydney's team had a BBQ and a Mom/Daughter softball game. We had a blast!!! The mom's won 10-9...would have liked to see the kids win, but we moms can get pretty competative!!!LOL
Anyway, I didn't embarrass myself on the field...hit the ball every time I was up!! Did embarrass the girls, though, with my softball chants, "Hey you, on two...wiggle, wiggle, wiggle"!!!!!! During my last time at bat, scraped up the side of my leg and knee when I slid into home...sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow:0
Sydney was darling out there...hit every ball I pitched to her!!! I can't believe how fast she's growing up...she'll be starting middle school this fall:0 Thank God she has more brains than I had at that age (or this age, for that matter)!!!!!!
Have a good one...TTFN

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