Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pasta Night

Ugh...Got up from the computer, Griffin sat down and erased my last entry, trying to get connected to Postopia games...Have to start all over again...
Went to Pasta Night with Janet and Matt last night. I heart Pasta Night! Can you justify a country club membership for a meal one night a month? HH can't play golf any more because of his back, and I will play only Glo-Ball with the couples one night a year(Glo-Ball, happens to fall of course on...Pasta Night). I suppose it's not practical...will have to just finagle invitations to Pasta Night from members!
After Pasta Night, went to The Follow concert at Woodcrest. As we were walking in, saw good friend & faithful blog reader & commenter, Debbie, and good friend & confidante, well as Steve's cousins Clint and Erin. We were very surprised when we walked past the tech booth and they waved us over. Evidently, Clint is in a band with a Woodcrester, who happened to be running the sound for The Follow...small world! The music and show was fantastic! We took Mat's advice and sat up front...hope we didn't freak them out...our kids sat on the very front row, very straight and very still. G was mesmorized with the music...especially with Mat's drumming! The girls, I think, were a little disappointed that they didn't recognize any of their original songs....thought they might hear something by Jesse McCartney or Aly & AJ!! Anyway, these guys (and girl) are so kind and cool- and, they have hearts for God!! What a better way to witness to people- Christian or not- than through their music! I hope they make it "big" some day...they deserve it! TTFN

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