Friday, July 21, 2006

Last Post of the Day....Maybe

Liven up, Ladies!!! This was their "model" pose for the celebrity look-a-like web-site!

The chauffeur...stealing Janet's signature move!!!!

At least in this picture I am not towering over the others...sometimes I feel like an Amazon around these girls (not meant to offend any true Amazonians out there!)

Is there anything cuter than this little girl??? She kept saying, "Woody keeps getting all up in my business!!" (note: Woody is her dog that was riding in the back)

I could sit here all day and poor kids!!! We had planned on spending the day at the pool, but the weather is not cooperating. Griffin has a couple of friends over, the girls are playing together in Reilly's room...and here I sit at the computer, blogging away!!!
I promise this it the last post for the day!!!
I've been known to break my promises:(
Here are a few more picts from last night...Went to dinner with the girls! Scott chauffered us there; Matt chauffered us home...felt like royalty!!! Got home around 8:00 and watched "Kicking and Screaming" with the kids. Actually fell asleep around 10:00...What's up with that???

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