Saturday, July 08, 2006


It's 3:11am...I'm still awake!!! I should have taken my Tylenol p.m., but I thought I would be able to fall asleep easily, as I actually worked most of the day:) Dave (my builder) called a few days ago and asked if he could show the house...He built this house somewhere else in the neighborhood, and wanted to show perspective buyers the finished product. I don't mind, because it makes me clean the house:) I told him that he needs to show the house once a week so that I'll keep my house in order!!! Aunt Debbie saved the day by coming over and cleaning the basement...I never would have gotten it done without her...took me the entire day to do the upstairs! Of course, I'm all over the place when I'm cleaning...can't stay in one place too long or it gets boring...I'm so helter-skelter! It looked sooooo good when I was done, though...totally worth it! It should stay clean for the next 24 hours or so:0 Luckily, the girls had friends stay all night last night, so they were occupied. They even included Griffin... only one incident involving physical violence... after a brief conversation and a bit of time out...we got things worked out:) I took Sydney & Griffin to the pool this evening while Reilly was at All-star practice with HH...only a week or so more of softball for Reilly...yeah!!!!!!!
Dave came over this morning to do some paint touchups...told him I needed his picture for my blog...I'm such a loser!!!!!! The quality is pretty crappy, but you get the idea...

Things to do tomorrow (or I guess I should say, later on today):
1. Lounge by the pool (teehee)
2. By a baby gift for my cousin Laura
3. Detail the car:( I don't want to even guess how many McDonald's fries are under the seats!!!!!
4. Wax the stache
5. Go to church (the actual adult service)

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Anonymous said...

Even though Nannie & Bobby are reading that information on Breast Cancer, it turned out to be a beautiful picture! I love the colors and I love ALL of the pix from 4th of July!