Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I Am A Stalker

When we were in Springfield this past Sunday, I asked my Grandpa where Brad Pitt's parent's lived. I knew that they were close by, but didn't realize that they were only a half mile away. I told the fam that Sydney was really interested in driving by to see where Brad Pitt stayed when he was in town...Sydney replied, "Mom, you're the one who wants to go over there...not me"! Ok, I was totally busted by an 11-year-old.
Anyway, my cousin, Laura, her mom, Sydney, a German foreign exchange student, and my 80some year old Grandpa all pile into my Tahoe. I was driving and my Grandpa was in the front seat next to me. He made me a complete nervous wreck...totally critizing my driving. Anyway, we headed over to the Pitt's gated community and sat in the car trying to figure out which house belonged to the parents of the VERY VERY hot actor(I'm not even going to go into my disappointment in his current life decisions). There was a realtor's sign outside the gate, so I made my Grandpa get out to get the flyer. (If you're interested, you, too, can own a home in Brad Pitt's parent's gated neighborhood for a mere $587,000). He got back in the car, and had me drive around to the back of the subdivision, and to our surprise, the gates were OPEN!!!!! I kind of freaked out and was like, "What should we do??? Should we drive in??? Are we going to get arrested if we do??" My cousin was telling me to go for it...the gates were open, there was no private drive sign. My Grandpa kept saying, "We don't have any business going in there...". I ignored my Grandpa and went for it...drove through the gates, drove around the neighborhood looking at the cool, huge homes. We didn't get busted...don't think anyone even saw us!!! While we never did discover the Brad Pitt's parent's pad, we considered the stalking trip a success...We gained access!!!!Woo Hoo!!!!! I felt like I was in highschool again...should have had my Grandpa steal a street sign!!!!LOL!!! TTFN


Anonymous said...

You do know, don't you, that one of our church friends dated Brad in college?


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