Sunday, July 30, 2006

From Glam To Ham...

Reilly was dressing up again tonight. She definitely has a thing about my high-heeled shoes!!! I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do about the shorts...She is extremely thin, and insists on everything fitting her tightly:0 To get things to fit around the waist, we must sacrifice length. She also prefers things over her belly button, so she hikes everything up...which makes the legs even shorter:0 To make matters worse, she is allergic to nickel and other metals. We're supposed to have all of her pants altered (metal snaps and buttons taken off things). Dressing her is a real pain in the rear!!!!
The second outfit just wasn't the same without the Elvis sunglasses...see "Crab Rangoon King..." post (July 28, 2006)!!! I do like the longer shorts, though!!! TTFN

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Anonymous said...

You could buy the boy shorts and then have the length altered.