Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fourth of July

Hey! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July! My fam went to my sister's house in the country...had an absolute blast!!!! My favorite part of the day was riding the Rhino...hubby said, "Look at her, she's all hepped up after riding that thing!" It's like a drug...I love speed...being reckless...doing the dangerous... as mom to 3, though, have people who love me and depend on me...have to be responsible!Of course, no one would ride with me (except B, Megan's husband)...nobody would let the kids ride with me (my own included)!!
B fixed a wonderful spread...he's a fantastic cook! I set off fireworks with the kids...glad my kids didn't try to do what I used to do...holding firecrackers until the absolute last minute, and then throwing them so that they would go off in mid-air. The kiddos loved the parachute rockets!! We took the kids swimming in the lake...Dad was obsessing about the lifejackets...said, "Those kids are precious...if anything happened to them..." Now, I'm all about safety in the water, but I don't want them scared to death:) Reilly (9 yr old) almost got lost in the woods...scariest part of the day...the result of miscommunication among the adults. Megan and B got on it, though, and JT saved the day by spotting her walking in circles! Debbie brought Nannie and Papa...even got him (80 yrs and all) on the Rhino! I was reading a magazine ad, and found the perfect shirt for mom ("Save the Tatas" with a pink breast cancer ribbon in the middle...Tee Hee!!)
We all left by about 4:30...I was so exhausted, that I napped when we got home. The kids joined the neighbor kids in our cul-de-sac later in the evening and finished off the fireworks (we are outside city limits). They had to out-law the rockets, landed on our new neighbors' roof...nice welcome-to-the-neighborhood gift, don't ya think??? Thank God it was the older kids shooting those off...think my insurance company would have cancelled us had we burned down a house:)
I'll write later and give you an update on my mom...she met with the surgeon last week...TTFN

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Anonymous said...

I love you pictures! They are so cute. Love the camera!