Friday, July 28, 2006

Crab Rangoon King, Migraines, and a Homeboy

The kid can eat Crab Rangoon like no other kid I've seen!!! HH brought home Chinese from Hy-Vee tonight for dinner. Griffin had requested 4 Crab Rangoon and Sesame Chicken. HH knew that Sydney and I would also want one, so he bought six. When Griffin discovered that they were not all for him, he threw a fit:0

I'm finally back to normal, after waking up this morning with a Migraine. I normally experience these debilitating headaches at night, but the last 2 have occurred during the day...What's up with that??? I missed having HH home with me, because he knows how to work my pressure points, and it provides some relief (LOL...this has nothing to do with the above cartoon)!! Aunt Debbie came to the rescue and took the girls to the dentist, and I spent the day in bed:( Sydney was also very sweet... kept coming into my room asking if there was anything that she could get for me. I've trained her well!!!!

Reilly spent the day in front of the mirror...very funny, because she's never before been concerned with her appearance. She was trying on Griffin's clothes (those two are the same size and exactly the same weight)- jean shorts, hooded sweatshirts, basketball jerseys, stocking caps, and the Elvis glasses- then going into the bathroom and doing "Homeboy" moves in the mirror. It was hilarious!! I grabbed my camera, but the batteries were dead:( She then asked if sometime she could try on my makeup...My tomboy ACTUALLY asked to do something girly...WOW!!
Well, better go to sleep, have to get up early to tutor...TTFN

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