Saturday, July 01, 2006

Chinese Food in the Tub

With all the hard work that I accomplished today (LOL), we decided to treat ourselves to a little Chinese takeout!!! While HH and Reilly ran to Hy-vee (definitely our favorite Chinese meal), G-man decided he wanted to play with his Star Wars figures in the tub. When they returned with the food, HH went to tell Griffin to come and eat. Griffin said, "I think I'll eat in the tub...will you bring it to me???" Now our dinner time ritual (or lack of)is definitely lax...but not THAT lax!!!! Griffin settled for Sesame Chicken in front of the t.v...didn't even get dressed before he dug in!!!!
Reilly finished her dinner and made herself her favorite dessert...icecream with tons of chocolate syrup and mnms. It looks like HH and I will never win any contests for healthy living parents of the year...oh well!!!!TTFN

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