Monday, July 03, 2006


Had the absolute best time with my husband last night! The kids were with my In-Laws, and we were absolutely antsy to get out of town, so we did something soooo completely out of character, and went to "The Boat". We didn't stay very long, and only spent $43, but it was money well-spent. On the way there, HH said, "Now, I'm a little worried about this, because of your addictive personality and all..." LOL, he knows me so well! I replied, "HH, when was the last time that we gambled?? It was when we were dating (about 13 years ago). And what happened? We won the first couple of times, then lost $70, and never went back." Anyway, we played the $.25 slots for a while (I'd get so excited when I won even a quarter back), and then we found an empty Black Jack table and had the dealer teach us how to play. Of course, our time at this table was very short-lived, as we were only willing to part with $25. We spent the rest of the evening people-watching. It's soooo sad to think that people take their paychecks and their dream of hitting it big (as Steve said) to the casino on a regular basis. I also couldn't believe the number of elderly and handicapped people that were there- there were a ton of handicapped spaces out front and they were ALL Anyway, on the ride home we somehow got on the subject of our personalities. HH is definitely Phlegmatic (layed-back, easy going, quiet, ), where I am Sanguine (spontaneous, impulsive, disorganized,fun-loving)
It's funny how opposites attract, isn't it? Our church really stresses the importance of learning about your personality as well as those that you are in relationship with... not only has this made me feel better and less embarrassed about being my TRUE self, but this has also made me appreciate those (especially the fam) who do not operate like me...Thank God that we do not have a world of would be complete chaos, nothing would ever get done...but we'd have a darn good time!! I'm going to have my kids take the following test...will be interesting to see what they are...know that Reilly is definitely a melancholy.
Anyway, it was so nice to get away with HH...if only for a few hours. Probably need to find a more productive fun outlet, though.
I can't imagine life without this incredible guy- God has truly blessed me!

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