Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Borrower Beware

When I was at church on Sunday, I got to work with Matt- we started volunteering in Kidcrest at about the same time 6 years ago. (If you want to see his picture, he is the bald man doing the sprinkler in the Fryfest photos at the bottom of the blog.) Matt is an avid gamer. If you'd like to see how these activities affect his wife, you need to check out her blog entry My Husband Is In Love With Another http://rebelmommy.blogspot.com
Anyway, I was standing there with Griffin, and Matt asked me if he could borrow our PS2 Star Wars Legos game. His daughter saw it in the video store and told him that we owned it. Griffin, totally using this request to his advantage, replied, "Yes, and I can come over when you borrow it and show you how to play". Then Griffin asked WHEN he could bring his game over. Matt casually replied, "Anytime"...probably thinking in a few weeks...months...never! G wouldn't let it go...asking me every 5 minutes when he could go over to Matt's house. I finally broke down and called Matt late this afternoon saying, "Griffin's driving me nuts...can he come over while we are at the game tonight?" Luckily, Matt agreed!!
When I went to pick Griffin up after the game, he comes running out of the house with the game. The daughter that initally wanted to borrow the game had not been there, so Griffin said that she could borrow it when she got back from camp, AND he would come over again to show her how to play it.! He is a smoooth maneuver of the invitation, don't you think? (I taught him everything he knows;)


rebelgirl said...

Loved having G over. The kids had a great time. I just hope the bug spray worked while they were hiking in the woods and berry picking! Wouldn't want him to have a chigger outbreak like Soph and Matt did after fishing! REALLY BAD:(

Anonymous said...

I see "rebelgirl" can look at your blog and add comments. Wonder when she's going to add to her own!