Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Birthday Recap

I realize that my last several posts have been about Reilly, but she's had a lot going on this past month. Griffin turns 7 in August, and Sydney turns 12 on September 2. I'll catch you up on their stuff soon!!
Reilly is totally into animals...loves them real; loves them stuffed!! She doesn't want to be a vet when she grows up, because she can't stand to see animals hurt or suffering. For the last several months, she has said that she wants to be a monkey trainer. For her birthday, I found this Fur Real monkey. Now, I think this thing is pretty darn cute in the light, but in the dark...kind of creepy (i.e. think clowns, chuckie, etc.) We also gave her the Spongebob Life game, and money (since she didn't have a party). With the money we gave her, and the money she recieved from Grandparents, she bought a Nintendo DS and a couple of game. I was thrilled, because I envisioned her selecting multiple stuffed animals!!!!
Well, better go to bed...have to get up and tutor tomorrow morning:) TTFN

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