Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm A Freak!!

My mom's appointment with the surgeon is coming up on Monday...glad it's finally here so we know what we are dealing with. I haven't been able to sleep, as you can probably see from the times my entries are written. She is doing well...even having a friend from Florida come visit for the weekend. She has also had my sister's youngest since Monday...Megan and Brian are in Las Vegas.

I was rereading my entry that I had written a week ago Saturday about my mom's cancer diagnosis, last Sunday. I stood up with a full cup of coffee and everything went hazy. In the background, I heard a cup crash on the tile floor, then my body started convulsing. HH heard the crash and came running in...he thought I was choking. Now, he's used to my fainting episodes...faint at the sight of blood, faint if one of my kids is seriously hurt or ill, etc., etc... but this one was different because I did not lose consciousness, and I did not feel it coming on. I must have pulled something in my neck, because I've had spasms and arm pain since the episode. I know it's totally anxiety related. I know that I have a hard time processing difficult information and it manifests itself in these "freakish" episodes. I went to my doctor the next week, and she prescribed the following: a series of tests, a visit to the neurologist, and a visit to the psychiatrist. HH didn't think any of these things were necessary...he said (lovingly), "You're just a freak, babe"! I've had the blood tests and MRI (no problems)...neurologist (is having me do a sleep-deprivision EEG)...still trying to decide if I'm going to go to the psychiatrist (going to look into this next week).
Anyway, with all that my mom is going through with her own body, now she has to worry about me! I'm sure I'll be better once she has the Lumpectomy and we find out that it is not in her Lymph Nodes...until then, I'm going to continue praying, continue taking my Lexipro, and get my prescription of Zantax (or is it Zanax?) filled. I'll keep you posted...TTFN


Anonymous said...

Hey my friend - do what the doctor tells you even if you are a freak! :o) We love you and want you to be okay. Your mom is still in my prayers so keep us informed of her test results. Both your mom and dad are great people! So what happened to you! :o) JUST KIDDING!!!!! Luv ya!!

Debbie W

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