Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sydney Says

Hey all!!! I'm Sydney, and i'm sub writing for my mom today. I have no huge desire on writing my own blog, probably because I would never no what to say. But I guess it is kinda cool writing something that a complete stranger could be reading tomorrow. I guess that's one of the fun things about blogging.
You have probably seen me before if you have read my mom's blog. I'm in some sports pictures, but it's not very fair because there are no good action shots of me:( She gets the good ones of my sis and some of my friends.
Anyway, I'm the oldest of three, a perfectionest, I've got beauty and brains,(HA HA) I love sports, and have got an awesome family and friends. But, the two things that are very hard to believe is that I can be a goody to shoes and a scaredy cat. Being a scaredy cat can be very hard because I'm always afraid of what might happen, isn't that just so sad!!!
Thanks for taking some time to read my entry!

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Anonymous said...

Hey S! You are beautiful and smart! Being good proves you are smart as does being a bit on the cautious side. You have to be smart not to jump into things too quickly. I so admire you for wanting to grow your beautiful hair then give it away to people who are sick and need a boost. You're remarkable!!

Debbie W