Friday, June 09, 2006

Graduation Day

S graduated from the 5th grade, May 31st...can't believe that I now have a middle-schooler (ooh, don't think that's gramatically correct)! Graduation took place in a very crowded cafeteria. The graduates paraded in, one-by-one...couldn't believe the different maturation levels of all of the of them had bigger boobs than me (Ok, that's not saying much)! Awards were baby recieved several: The 3 R award (Respectful, Responsible, Resourceful- voted on by peers) and the President's Award For Educational Excellence (I'm living vicariously through this one:) and participation certificates for Student Council, Siggy Training (The counselor's dog and school pet pal), Web-page Club, and Book Club. She was also voted "Best Behavior" by her class. It was so funny, because she was upset by this...she was hoping for "the funniest" or "sunniest disposition". Sorry that I had to brag on her a little, but I am so dang proud of her...she is so grown up and exhibits all those characteristics that I wish I had!!! Thank God for her Dad's "Strong" genes!!!!!!!
We are definitely going to miss her teacher, Mr. Snow!!! He was an awesome teacher and soooo much fun!!! I loved joking around with him....loved to pass on to him the rumors running rampart around the 5th grade girls... Did he really make out with his girlfriend at the Kenny Chesnut concert????????? The jury is still out on that one!!!!! TTFN

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