Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Everyone Can Layoff Griffin's Hair!!!!

OK, I've finally gotten Griffin's haircut, so everyone can now LAY OFF me! I love Griffin's hair longer, but he cannot stand his hair in his eyes...Evidently, neither can anyone else!!! Took him in this morning to Southside Salon, and had Jane work her magic. She's been doing his hair since he was a baby, so I trusted her not to take off too much!!! In the end, everyone was happy!!!
Oh, last night Griffin lost a tooth...he's been driving us nuts about this tooth for weeks!! He was pretty proud of his loss...wanted to call all the grandparents at 10:30 last night...had to persuade him to wait until this morning!
It bled like crazy...don't think it was quite ready for the extraction:0
Sydney is growing her hair out for Locks of Love. Her ends are a mess, so she got a trim today, too. Jane said that her hair is perfect for donation...thick, fine, untreated...with a little bit of wave! Wish I had her's beautiful...and so natural!!! I started coloring mine at age 13...don't know how I'd look as a brunette! When I was little, I used to watch "Charlie's Angels" and prentend that I was Jacqueline Smith...even donning a towel to emulate the long brown locks...LOL
PS...S's pict is before haircut...Gfiffin's pict is after!!

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