Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Door Ding Update

Got the estimate in the mail today for the van that I dinged...$387.00!!!!!!!! HH immediately got on the phone and called my Dad. Dad is getting on it...said that it should only cost about $100-150 to fix. He's going to make some calls to some of his contacts in Fulton (the lady is from Mokane) and then call the lady and try to talk her into getting another estimate. When I had initially talked to her on the phone (she called almost a week after the incident), she was extremely nice...didn't make me 2nd guess my decision at all (see Door Ding Dilema entry).
Sydney has had a difficult time with this whole situation. When she was about 5, she opened her door on a brand-spankin' new Lexus SUV. We left a note, and they were so shocked that we left the note, they didn't make us pay a cent. Sydney thought that this woman should do the same thing. I explained to her how unusual it was for the Lexus person to do that- that was a gift. I said that had someone hit our car, we would expect them to pay to have it fixed...when you damage something that belongs to someone else, you take care of it... secretly, though, I was hoping for the same thing, so I know where she's coming from!!!!
Today was a very lazy day... it was cloudy and cool, so we just hung around the house. I finally got back into my scrapbooking groove, and finished a birthday present for HH's grandma. I also did a couple of pages on Reilly for my family album. The first page had a picture of Reilly with her braces entitled "Braces are Beautiful"...the second page was the picture taken of her the day they came off that said, "But, Bare is Better". When I showed the family at dinner, Sydney said, "Thanks a lot mom!" She, of course, still has her braces...oops!!!!!
I can't get G to eat anything healthy....ok, I take that back...he ate 3 apple wedges today. And, this was only after I begged and threatened him! I told HH not to purchase any more Capri Suns...Griffin thinks that because they have pictures of fruit on the label, they have nutritional value. I truly believe that he could live soley on hotdogs and Cheese-Its (he thinks these are healthy too, since they contain cheese).
S had a soft-ball game tonight. Unfortunately, they lost...but, Sydney made some great plays and she was fast around those bases....that girl can move (when she wants to)!! Reilly practiced pitching with HH...she can now do the windmill (or whatever they call it) with pretty darn good accuracy...hope she gets to pitch tomorrow night so we can see it!
Just finished watching "Little People, Big World"...yahoo.....it was a new episode!! I just love TLC!!! I wonder what other quality programming I can find tonight...it is now 1:03am....I'm just rambling now, so I'd better call it a night!!! TTFN


rebelgirl said...

I watched Little People Big World for the first time Saturday evening! Loved it!! I didn't know about the door ding. I wish people would leave me notes. I have 3 or 4 dings on my car from people who apparently have no respect whatsoever for OPP.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the original door ding dilemma!