Thursday, June 01, 2006

Door Ding Dilemma

Sometimes it's really really hard to do the right thing!!!! This morning I had to run to Walmart. As I was getting out of my car, the wind caught hold of the door and smashed it into the minivan next to me. My initial reaction was to look around to see if anyone else saw what happened. Next, I thought of writing a note saying, "Everyone thinks I'm leaving my information, but..." (I once saw that in an email forward). Finally I thought, my kids are sitting in the car with me, waiting to see how I am going to handle this situation. I scrounged around to find a piece of paper and wrote down all of my information and stuck it under their windshield wiper. I told the kids that Satan and Jesus were battling it out in my head...Satan telling me that it's just a little dent and paint...Jesus saying, do the right thing....Offer to pay for the damage. I know that had I left the scene without doing anything, I would have obsessed about not leaving the note. Now, I'll just obsess over the fact that I damaged someone's car and ALMOST didn't do anything about it!!! This was a great "teachable moment" for the kids and for me, but it's still gonna suck to pay that bill!!!!!
P.S. Don't tell my dad... He's my insurance agent!!!!!

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Wild Mtn Honey said...

Good for you.
and your dad is going to find out anyway, so I already called him ;)