Friday, June 02, 2006

Computer Complications

I am sooooo iritated!!!! Last night, I was feeling really computer savvy...if you hadn't noticed, I added a cool photo thing at the bottom (by Flicker). I actually read the directions...well, most of them anyway...and after only about 2 hours (that's really good time for me), I had this cool photo display. Anyway, I thought it was so awesome that I would put my Fryfest photos on one of these and add it to my post., I lost the photos and for the life of me, can't replace them on the same post...I guess I'll have to break down and call Isaac (my darling computer guy)...think I may have screwed the whole thing up...he's used to bailing me out of these kind of messes, though...gotta love him:)
Anyway, will try to repost the rest of the Fryfest photos (in the cool picture window) at a later date...I vow to myself not to mess around with something that ain't broke!!!!!!!

FYI: Gotta check out my friends' blogs...they totally put mine to shame!!!! They are soooo funny (and well written)!!!! and

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of you at the bottom. You are a beautiful woman.
Quit giving yourself so much grief.