Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Big A@# Cab

A wine connoisseur I am not...can't even spell it correctly!!! I can do a Pinot Grigio occasionally, but cannot thoroughly appreciate a good wine...not that HH and I haven't tried... The medical community says that a glass-a-day is good for the heart. I have moderation issues, so I might have problems sticking to the one glass rule! Anyway, I'd much prefer beer if I'm going to imbibe...Corona light with a lime or a Pina Coloda Trops...though it's pretty rare these days that that happens... I prefer to eat my calories rather than drink them:)
Anyway, mom was in town yesterday. She knows about wine, and enjoys drinking a glass or two occasionally...she does not have moderation issues with alcohol:) We had some time to kill, so she suggested that we stop by Joe's Wine and Spirits...she wanted to purchase a few bottles for an upcoming party. I agreed to go along for moral support...since I know nothing about wine selection. I really got a kick out of reading the labels...found that she selects by taste and I prefer appearance!! (What does that say about my character???) She is holding a bottle that I made her purchase...said if nothing else, it would be a great conversation piece...Big A#@ Cab!!! Don't think you can see the picture because of the glare, but it's really funny!!!!! TTFN

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