Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ballgame Photos

I was so my new lens in the mail today and took these photos. My MIL gave me her old camera...purchased when HH was in high school. The telephoto lens broke, and, of course, the company no longer makes that model, so was ecstatic when I found a similar lens on EBAY. While it's a little shorter than the original, it still brings 'em in pretty close. I had to try it out tonight at the kids''s the results!!
The cute little blonde in the pink helmet is Sophie...isn't she darling??? She's a family friend!!!
PS Also found the remaining 3v3 soccer picts on the roll, and added a few picts that HH took the other night of S's game on the little digital (they suck in comparison)!!! TTFN

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Anonymous said...

Those pictures with your new lens are incredible!! The kids look great! Thanks so much for documenting Soph so well. There is a huge difference in picture quality too. That is awesome.