Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sports, Sports and More Sports

This week has been absolutely ridiculous!!! It's definitely been all about sports...lots of softball and lots of soccer!!! The girls finished off their soccer season today...2 games yesterday and 2 today. They didn't do so well in the tourney, but came in 2nd in their league during the regular season. Reilly was a fireball today...very aggressive and very fast. She's the second smallest girl on the team, and always smaller than the other opponents and it seems she's always paired up with the biggest girl on the opposing team...makes me laugh:) She hangs in there, though!!! Syd has had a great season, but she definitely looked tired out there this weekend. She got mad at me for yelling for her to hustle...said that the coach told them not to pay any attention to us!! She definitely needs a break and is looking forward to playing 3v3 in the Show-Me-State games in July. Griffin...what can I say??? He does a great job playing t-ball (especially fielding the ball) when he keeps his head in the game... seems more interested in keeping tabs on cute little KK (from his class)...he's obsessed:)

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