Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Am I A Loser?

Am I a big loser because I have a blog? I know that I'm pretty self-centered to think that everyone wants to read about me,'re reading, aren't you?
The girls at soccer were giving me a hard time about blogging. I'm actually kind of digging this.
It's up to you, my friends, to provide the "blog-worthy" material!!!! I'm hoping the upcoming Murphy Fryfest will do just that...I'm bringing my camera and my laptop, so WATCH OUT!!!!!! (Details on Monday)

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LySop said...

Whether or not you are a loser is not defined by your desire to blog. I can say with confidence that your are not a loser because you blog while still reserving judgment on the bigger question of whether or not you are a loser. ;-) I have decided to jump on the blog train as well.