Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I wish I could take a picture of my phone screen, but I am not, yet, that tech saavy. I wanted to share a text conversation that I had with Sydney on December 29th...

Me: What are your plans for the day/night?
Sydney: Nothing! Anything that you've planned?
Me: Dinner at home... Steaks... Inception.
Sydney: Sounds good! don't use the "..." It seems almost creepy
Me: What is creepy about "..."? I do much creepier things on a regular basis!
Me: ...
Sydney: See! Very creepy

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Christmas Hit

Dear Aunt Debbie,
Thank you so much for the Easy Bake Oven! All of my friends are so jealous, and it makes me happy just looking at it... Thanks to you, my childhood won't be ruined!
I love you so much!
Love, Sydney

Friday, November 19, 2010

Project 365

Lately, I've been a slacker when it comes to my blog. I was on FB the other day and noticed that my friend, was participating in Project 365. Since I love taking pictures, I thought that this might be a little less pressure than the blog. I'm not giving up on blog entirely, but I'm hoping that it might slowly get me back into the habit of posting on a regular basis.
If you're interested, click here. My user name is fivestrongs.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

1st Day of School 2010

Sydney- Sophomore
Reilly- 8th grade
Griffin- 5th grade

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Happy (?) Camper

My little ninja survived his first camp experience.
I'm not sure who had a more difficult week- Griffin or HH. Griffin was extremely homesick. HH had a difficult time sleeping and sort of wandered around the house, not knowing what to do with himself.
By Wednesday, HH made a trip to the camp to take Griff a bedside fan under the guise that he was the only boy in his cabin at drop-off without one. This probably was not a good idea, because Griffin broke down in tears when he saw his dad. I think that he truly would have gone home with HH, had HH and the camp counselor not persuaded him to stick it out. He was having a great time during the day...it was the nights that were difficult.
Griff was a resourceful little camper, though. Before HH brought him the fan, he had been trading his snacks for the use of another little boy's fan at night. We all got a big laugh out of that!
He's home now, and we're back into our summer routine. I'm not sure what next summer will bring, but I'm hoping that he'll choose to try it again!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

14 Fun Facts About Reilly... A Birthday Post

Me: I can't believe that your birthday is Sunday. Do you realize that in a year you'll be eligible for your driving permit?
Reilly: Yeah, I really don't know how that's going to work out. I don't do so well with those race car games.

Yes, that was our conversation last week. I guess I should be worried about that statement, but Reilly is pretty careful and very meticulous in everything that she does, so I'm counting on that to be true of her driving as well. No need to worry before the fact, right?
I have been horrible about blogging lately. The other day, however, Reilly asked me if I would be writing about her upcoming birthday. I hadn't really given it much thought, but I figured if my daughter of very few words mentioned it, it must be important to her, so here it goes...

14 Fun Facts About Reilly:
1. She sets goals. Not only does she set goals, but she actually puts plans in place to make these goals happen. Remember the physical fitness test from school? I believe it was in the 6th grade that Reilly was unable to do a pull-up. The fact that she was unable to do even one, bothered her immensely. After the failed attempt, she went to work... at home, it was countless pushups. At the park, it was time spent on the monkey bars. Her perserverence paid off and in the 7th grade, she was able to complete one pull-up for the test.
2. She is 5'3 1/2" and weighs 88 lbs. She is all legs. Over the years, she has been my pickiest eater, but has recently made a conscience effort to branch out and try new things. One of her new favorite dishes is the Southwestern Salad. Yeah, I never thought I'd see the day that she would actually eat lettuce AND black beans. Go figure!
3. She is my only child who actually reads for enjoyment. I think that she would say that Stephanie Meyers is her favorite author, but she reads a variety of things.
4. She is a busy girl, but a girl who needs down-time, as well. She is active in soccer, softball, TKD & basketball. She also enjoys spending time with friends... but not TOO much time. She is definitely my child who needs time to herself.
5. She loves to shop and buy "cool", trendy outfits, but prefers to wear athletic clothing. This drives me nuts, but only because she comes by this sad fact naturally;)
6. This year, her eyesight changed dramatically. She went from wearing glasses only to watch tv and to see the boards at school, to pretty much all of the time. At the last appointment, the eye doctor suggested contacts. Unlike Sydney, she got the hang of them rather quickly, and now wears them daily.
7. She wanted me to let you know that she LIKES mechanical pencils, but does not LOVE them. A couple of years ago, I wrote about her love for mechanical pencils and she evidently has not forgotten this (click here for offending post). She requested that I not mention anything random or weird... which makes writing this extremely difficult for me:) She IS 14, though, so I'll TRY to abide by her wishes!
8. She is meticulous when it comes to her room, but no longer anally so... every once in a while, I will find clothes (in a neat pile) by her dresser on the floor. She also is the only one in the house who makes her bed every day. When I want someone to help me organize or deep clean something, she is my girl. I'm sure that my father is ecstatic that the McD. clean gene is not going to die with him:)
9. She is addicted to Ensure and will still occasionally horde cake rolls in her dresser drawers.
10. She is the only one of my children who will sit down and watch tv with me on a regular basis. I'd like to think it's because she likes that quality time and stimulating conversation that we have about the programming, but deep down I know the truth. I will only allow her to watch certain shows (Glee, 16 & Pregnant, etc.) if she watches them with me, so that we can discuss.
10. Favorite songs right now: "Ridin' Solo" by Jason Derulo, "Cooler Than Me" by Mike Posner, "Forever and Always" by Taylor Swift, "Bigger" by Justin Bieber
11. Favorite restaurant: Shakespeare's Pizza
12. Favorite Sports Figure: Yadier Molina
13. Favorite Movie: The Blind Side
14. She's beautiful inside and out and we love her very much!!!

Happy Birthday, Reilly!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend Update

We were finally able to get in a full weekend of games... no rain outs!
Even though it was close to 90 degrees, the sun made all the difference in my level of enjoyment.
'Cause you know... it's all about me;)
Griffin had a tough day on Saturday. He pitched for the first time this season. He did a good job, but was not happy with his performance. He was in a very foul mood, and we had to have a few discussions about his attitude. I'm sure this had a lot to do with lack of sleep- he slept over at a friend's house the previous night.
He settled down on Sunday, though, and HH said that he had a much better game. He also got to catch, which is definitely his forte.
Reilly had a softball game on Saturday, and 2 soccer games in St. Louis on Sunday. She pitched a good game on Saturday. She's not very powerful, but can throw strikes. She also laid down a great bunt. I was standing near the coach taking pictures and heard him say, "I didn't tell her to do that." When asked about it later, she said that she was much more confident bunting than hitting. If she gets on base, she can usually steal her way home... she's a quick little thing!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

False Alarm

My FB was NOT hacked. It was down for several hours on Saturday. I'm assuming that it was the large number of photos that I was trying to upload of the dance. I was a little disappointed... was hoping that someone had received something really offensive;)
Oh well....

Several times each summer, HH has the same conversation with Reilly about her softball swing. I'm not exactly sure what he says, but it always makes me smile to watch this interaction.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Darn Facebook

My FB is down... not sure what's the problem. My account has probably been hacked.
I only hope that you aren't bombarded with material of questionable content. If you are, I hope that it's good stuff;)

This picture was taken last night at the 9th grade dance.
I don't know how many more of these events that Syd will let me chaperone, so I'm going to enjoy every minute of the ones that she does.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend... I'm going to!!!